B.E.D. Restaurant | New York, NY

Entwurf, Konzeption und Ausführungsplanung für das B.E.D. - Restaurant in Chelsea, New York

Grundriss und Perspektive

Ort: 530 W 27th St., New York, NY 10001

BED is the most relaxing dining spot in the city—once you get past reservation-takers, bouncers, elevator attendants guiding you to the sixth floor of the Chelsea warehouse, the mandatory entrée requirement, and the automatic 18% gratuity. Huge mattresses with mounds of pillows let you relax with a hot date or a small party, after you place your shoes in a cubby and put on BED’s complimentary socks. Nearly everyone is younger than 30; you’ll also be most comfortable if you’re a model or similarly beautiful person, preferably female. The trance music and slow-motion videos projected on screens attempt to soothe you, as do creative drinks like the blackberry julep, a new, fresh-fruit take on the mint julep. The French cuisine nouvelle has Caribbean and Chinese influences, reflecting BED’s Miami-based older brother. Main courses are also mainly seafood based, such as Caribbean lobster tail on roasted pineapple and celery, with a coconut-ginger sauce for tropical flair. Seared free-range beef tenderloin in Syrah wine sauce is an outstanding cut of meat served on mashed boniato, a sweet potato from Cuba and Florida. Even desserts are playfully inventive. A rare feast for every sense, BED is worth at least one visit. — by Timothy Cooper

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